Natural Living Collagen


Natural Living Pure Collagen Powder is made from the hides of cattle raised in pastures in Spain. It is an excellent source of both type 1 & 3 collagen. This powerful, pure bovine powder has a wide variety of benefits including the support of cell renewal, skin rejuvenation, natural joint & cartilage support, healthy growth of hair, skin & nails & it’s believed to have anti-ageing properties. As part of a balanced diet, a high-quality collagen supplement can help you recover faster from exercise & improve digestive health.


Natural Living Pure Collagen Powder Hot Chocolate Mix with Raw Cacao which is a superfood rich in antioxidants, anti-inflammatories and flavonols to provide health and anti-ageing benefits by nourishing the body and skin from the inside. The Hot Chocolate mix contains 45% pure pasture-raised bovine collagen imported powder and has a delicious chocolate flavour.

Natural Living Collagen Superfruits Smoothie Mix with Blueberry and Baobab is rich in vitamin C to aid collagen synthesis. It will improve your skin and gut health, nourish your hair and nails and relieve joint pain. 65% pure imported pasture-raised bovine collagen powder and 35% superfruits.

Natural Living Vegan Collagen Boosting Protein Powder with Pea Protein, Moringa, Spirulina, Wheatgrass & Baobab is formulated using 100% plant- based ingredients to naturally promote collagen production. It is a blend of superfoods consisting of all 9 essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals your body and skin need to boost your collagen level and build fibroblasts. No flavourants. No colourants, No preservatives. Perfect in a smoothie but also mixes easily and quickly in water.

Our Collagen Super Greens Powder Mix with Spirulina, Moringa and Wheatgrass Superfoods. It is filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, as well as anti-inflammatories to provide health and anti-aging benefits by nourishing your body and skin from the inside.
85% pure pasture-raised bovine collagen imported powder mixed with 15% super greens. Perfect in a juice or smoothie but also mixes easily and quickly in water or yoghurt. Contains, no dairy, gluten, sugar, additives or heavy metals and free of antibiotics and hormones.